Regulated investment Platform

Buying bonds is as easy as investing in the equity market. Purchases in the primary market can be made from broker-dealers, banks, bond traders and asset trading platforms, all of which take a commission for facilitating the sale. Corporate bond prices are quoted as a percentage of the bond’s face value, based on $100. Bond investments are subject to interest rate, credit and inflation risks.

By trading bonds online through Gladstone Provident Group’s regulated investment platform, we eliminate manual processes throughout the traditional value chain, so you can benefit from lower costs. We direct your order to buy bonds or invest in mutual funds to optimized brokers/custodians, where up to hundreds of the largest providers of fixed income, equity and corporate bond funds compete to offer the best annual coupon/earnings rate.

Investment funds

An investment fund is a supply of capital belonging to numerous investors used to collectively purchase securities while each investor retains ownership and control of his own shares.

An investment fund provides a broader selection of investment opportunities, greater management expertise, and lower investment fees than investors might be able to obtain on their own.

Types of investment funds include mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, money market funds, and hedge funds. Investment funds play a crucial role in facilitating the accumulation of personal savings, whether for major investments or for retirement.

They are also important because they make institutional and personal savings available as loans to companies and projects which contribute to growth and jobs.

Structured Notes

A structured note is a debt security issued by financial institutions. Its return is based on equity indexes, a single equity, a basket of equities, interest rates, commodities, or foreign currencies.

The performance of a structured note is linked to the return on an underlying asset, group of assets, or index.


A solid and reliable investment opportunity. Designed for investors, our corporate bonds offer a unique combination of yield and security.

With flexible maturities and attractive interest rates, these financial instruments represent an attractive option to diversify your portfolio and maximize your returns. Backed by market-leading companies, our corporate bonds offer you the peace of mind that comes from investing in top-tier issuers.

Financial solution providers

Woodville specializes in litigation funding, allowing the investor to cover legal costs and receive a share of the proceeds.

London Richmond is a listed property development and investment company, providing transparency and liquidity to investors.

The clean energy sector is experiencing significant growth, supported by government policies such as the Inflation Reduction Act and subsidies for the manufacture of electric vehicles, contributing to a cleaner world and a more sustainable economic model.

XHE Capital’s Managed Equity Fund takes long term core positions in global equity markets whilst actively trading both momentum and reversal movements across markets.

BAM is a fund specialising in blockchain and digital assets. It offers investors a diverse exposure to multiple strategies, managers and carefully selected and weighted digital assets.

The ATAF will take advantage of global investment opportunities from traditional financing activities, as well as from potential newly merged assets, following investment and operational due diligence.

Zenith Energy is a leading energy company listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange and on Euronext Growth on the Oslo Stock Exchange. This demonstrates its strength and transparency as a commercial entity.

The Lancaster Platform emerges as an open architecture solution that meets the precise requirements of financial advisors and their clients. With a broad spectrum of up to 29,000 assets, it stands as the paradigm of efficiency and customisation, aligning perfectly with the most demanding needs.

The Fortis Mutual Fund invests primarily in works of art of the highest quality, selected by a team of specialists. Works of art have been an established market for more than 30 years, demonstrating that the long-term trend consistently outperforms other assets.

Seventy Ninth Group™ is a family-owned business that has delivered thousands of residential and commercial properties over the past three decades. In the last 24 months, they have returned over £15 million to investors, maintaining a 100% track record in principal repayments and interest payments since their founding. In addition, they offer flexibility to investors, accepting over 27 currencies, including GBP, EUR and USD.

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