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Excellence and technology – Gladstone & Platform Lancaster

We share the partnership between Gladstone Associates Provident Group and Platform Lancaster. Gladstone’s expertise with Platform Lancaster’s cutting edge technology, led by visionary Ian Lancaster, with over three decades of outstanding fund administration.

Platform Lancaster emerges as an open architecture solution that meets the precise requirements of financial advisors and their illustrious clients. With a broad spectrum of up to 29,000 assets, it stands as the paradigm of efficiency and customisation, aligning perfectly with the most demanding needs of its clients.

Our partnership responds to the prevailing demand for agility and excellence in today’s financial ecosystem. Through Platform Lancaster, we optimise issuance and management by leveraging all the advantages inherent in an adaptable and cost-effective platform. This includes the ability to access our model portfolio services, carefully managed by professionals who are experts in the field. In this context, we lay the groundwork for investment strategies and access to diversified, high-impact opportunities.

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