A Strucutred notes platform

A structured note is a product that combines fixed income and variable income instruments, among others. Structured notes offer a potential yield at a lower risk, it is a financial instrument managed by an intermediary, as an investment alternative where it is possible to obtain higher yields than those of the fixed income market with local products. Depending on the client’s objectives, term and investment, it can be composed of stocks, exchange rates, interest rates, stock market indexes, bonds, etc. It is a flexible product, which allows the creation of conservative or more sophisticated investment products.

Gladstone Provident Group consists of licensed specialists in the design and issuance of investment vehicles / structured notes through exchange-traded products (ETPs). Thanks to the characteristics of instruments such as structured notes, we are able to offer innovative and fully customized solutions to our esteemed clients. We are at your service to present the structured note platform and meet with professional specialists/brokers to issue a structured note based on your criteria.